Crashmania 2018! was an amazing show!

thank you to all the drivers who participated

see results and points series info below

Congratulations to the first annual crashmania points champion!!!

#214 Nick Johnson


The CrashMania Points Series for 2018 will consist of 6 Demolitions Derbies held in SE Washington/NE Oregon. Drivers will be scored at each derby they enter and the cumulative points champion at the end of the season will receive a minimum of $1000 and a CrashMania Championship Belt. See rules and scoring info below schedule.

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Points are given to drivers at each event. No team entries and no substitute drivers.

Last place in each derby will receive 50 points.

Each spot above last will receive an extra 5 points per spot. So 2nd to last receives 55 points, 3rd to last 60 points and so on. This is so that derbies with more cars will be worth more points.

30 point bonus for winning a derby

25 point bonus for winning the Mad Dog Award for an event

10 point bonus for advancing to the Main Event of CrashMania

10 point bonus for starting the Main Event of CrashMania

This means a 10 car derby would be worth 125 points to win and be scored like this (assume 3rd place wins the Mad Dog):

                1st=95 points + 30 point win bonus = 125 points

                2nd=90 points

                3rd=85 points + 25 points Mad Dog bonus = 110 points

                4th=80 points

                5th=75 points

                6th=70 points

                7th=65 points

                8th=60 points

                9th=55 points

                10th=50 points


With this scoring, a 15 car derby would be worth 150 points to win and a 20 car derby is worth 175 points to win.

If you enter 2 cars into CrashMania, your best score will be taken, not both.

The top 3 spots in each derby will be judged by officials at that derby. Each derby will be videotaped and the remaining spots will be judged by CrashMania officials.

Each drivers top 5 scores will be added together. If a driver competes in all 6 shows, then he/she may drop the lowest score.

Points standings will be updated online immediately after each event.

Points Series minimum payouts for overall points standings will be:






Most Mad Dog Awards-$200

*Tiebreaker will be number of Mad Dog awards won and then number of heats participated in. If it is still a tie, then money will be split evenly.

(these are minimum payouts and will very likely be higher by the end of the season)


Payouts will be mailed as soon as final standings are confirmed. No later than September 15, 2018

2018 drivers


#01 Casey Duncan

Hometown: Greenacres, WA

Age: 34

Experience: 16 years

Sponsors: Duncan Produce

alex barkley 2.jpg

#1 Alex Barkley

Hometown: Clarkston, WA

Age:  32

Experience: 7 years

Sponsors: Norco, Image Design Center, The Ol' Man, RAWR

graham barker.jpg

#4 Graham Barker

Hometown: Kennewick, WA

Age: 28

Experience: 1 year

Sponsors: Mid Columbia Garage Doors


#9 Matt Sandgren

Hometown: Elgin, OR

Age: 24

Experience: 1 year

Sponsors: Western Steel Supply, Wolfco Timber Services, S.K.N. Lumber, Elgin Auto Parts, C'Zers Drive-In, Les Schwab

Past Wins: 2018 All Wheels Weekend Mad Dog

connor mckeown.jpg

#11 Connor Mckeown

Hometown: Touchet, WA

Age: 22

Experience: 5 years

2014 All Wheels Weekend Winner (Dayton, WA)

Sponsors: Mom & Dad


#13 Tyrul McGuffin

Hometown: Kittitas, WA

Age: 36

Experience: 1 year

Sponsors: Affordable Concrete Pumping, Ellensburg - Canyon Auto Parts, Ellensburg - My Wifes Purse

Michael Tolle.PNG

#42 Michael Tolle

Hometown: Orofino, ID

Age: 27

Experience: 10 years

Lewiston Smash Bash Winner 2012 & 2017

Sponsors: Riverport Brewery-Clarkston, Orofino Wellness Center-Orofino, KnB Fire-Lewiston, LCCU-Orofino, Mostly Mastercard


#45 Steve Marcher

Hometown: Amity, OR

Age: 35

Experience: 24 years

Past wins: Too many to count

Sponsors: Yamhill Mac Towing - Pam Pam's Junkyard


#90 Kody Vandeweghe

Hometown: Moses Lake, WA

Age: 27

Experience: 10 years

Past wins: Smash for Cash @ Trac in Pasco

Sponsors: Myself - Bise Brothers Demo Shop - The BaDDMaN - Correll Scales Service - Desert Machine


#92 Mike Bise

Hometown: Moses Lake, WA


Experience: 10000 years

Past Wins: Othello, WA - Warden, WA - Stateline, ID - Ephrata, WA - Moses Lake, WA - Lewiston, ID - Lind, WA & many mad dog awards

Sponsors: Corell Scales Svc - Airgas, Moses Lake - Mountain View Polaris - The BaDDMaN - Desert machine M&M Racing


#94 Jason Randall

Hometown: Moses Lake, WA

Age: 43

Experience: 24 years

Past Wins: 2

Sponsors: Scotty's Auto Repair


#96 Tony Gradwohl

Hometown: Walla Walla, WA

Age: 28

Experience: 3 years

Past Wins: 2017 Columbia County Fair Winner - 2016 All Wheels Weekend Mad Dog

Sponsors: W-4 Construction


#99 Donavan Bolling

Hometown: Walla Walla, WA

Age: 24

Experience: 6 years

Past Wins: Walla Walla County Fair 2013, Columbia County Fair 2016. Hermiston Super Oval Demo Derby 2015

Sponsors: W4 construction, Hi-mark Custom Fab, Blue Mountain Creations


#105 Bobby Walker

Hometown: Walla Walla, WA

Age: 28

Experience: 14 years

Past Wins: 2005 Lind WA, 2008 Othello WA, 2013 Dayton Truck demo, 2014 & 2016 All Wheels Weekend 2015 Smash for Cash Mad Dog, 2017 John Day, 2017 Benton/Franklin County Fair, 2017 Walla Walla Fair Unlimited Class

Sponsors: W-4 Construction

Screenshot-2018-1-2 Lisa Brown.png

#110 James Long

Hometown: Walla Walla, WA

Age: 51

Experience: 15 years

Sponsors: Total Office Concepts

John Schlehuber.jpg

#120 John Schlehuber

Hometown: Royal City, WA

Age: 36

Experience: 7 years

Sponsors: Myself


#214 Nick Johnson

Hometown: Walla Walla, WA

Age: 33

Experience: 17 years

Past Wins: 2004 & 2013 Columbia County Fair, 2006 All Wheels Weekend, 2009 Hillsboro Invitational, 2010 Waterville, 2012 Smash for Cash Open Class, 2017 Haines Stampede

Sponsors: Blue Mountain Mini Storage and my wallet


#222 Eric Johnson

Hometown: Walla Walla, WA

Age: 33

Experience: 17 years

Past wins: 2001 Walla Walla Summer Derby, 2002 Benton/Franklin County Fair, 2005 All Wheels Weekend, 2008 Benton City, 2008 & 2015 Columbia County Fair, 2008 Sandpoint, 2014 Haines Stampede, 2015 John Day

Sponsors: Blue Mountain Mini Storage and my wallet


#615 Darryl Ortuno

Hometown: Omak, WA

Age: 24

Experience: 8 years

Sponsors: Ortuno Boys Salvage and Omak Machine Shop


#911 Creighton Moore

Hometown: Elgin, OR

Age: 34

Experience: 1 year

Sponsors: Western Steel Supply, Wolfco Timber Services, S.K.N. Lumber, Elgin Auto Parts, C'Zers Drive-In, Les Schwab

gas tank.jpg

could be you?!!

Pre-Enter by July 1 and receive $100 back just for passing tech.



#1 Tyler Frison

Hometown: Walla Walla, WA

Age: 27

Experience: 8 years

Sponsors: W-4 construction, Walker's Towing and Recovery, Big Mike, Klingenburg Motorsports

Past Wins: 2014 Walla Walla County Fair


#14 Cody Taylor

Hometown: Milton-Freewater, OR

Age: 29

Experience: 10 years

Sponsors: Roga Lawn Care,


#19 Johnny Brown

Hometown: Touchet, WA

Age: 32

Experience: 17 years

Sponsors: CrashMania 2018

Past Wins: 2007 Benton/Franklin County Fair, 2009, 2016 & 2017 Walla Walla County Fair, 2010, 2011, 2012 Walla Walla Summer Derby, 2008 Benton City Derby

#20 Garrett Parsons


Hometown: Benton City, WA

Experience: 11 years


Past Wins:


#21 Cody Parsons


Hometown: Benton City, WA



Past Wins:

ed moulton pic.jpg

#26 Ed Moulton

Hometown: Hines, OR

Age: 39

Experience: 20 years

Sponsors: Yekel's Repair, B&S Auto, Burns Electric, Yo Mamma


#36 Tyler Hoepfner

Hometown: Weston, OR

Age: 21

Experience: 3 years

Sponsors: BRD Farming, Les Schwab

#43 Chris Fowler

Hometown: Touchet, WA

Age: 33

Experience: 3 years

Sponsors: Binder Sign, Builder's Construction Services-Touchet, WA


#51 Joey Barnes

Hometown: Walla Walla, WA

Age: 26

Experience: 9 yrs

Sponsors: Self

Past Wins: 2017 Columbia County Fair Small Car Winner

mIKEY rUTH.jpg

#84 Mike Ruth

Hometown: Walla Walla, WA

Age: 39

Experience: 2 years

Past wins: 2016 All Wheels Weekend Small Car Winner and Mad Dog

Sponsors: Avoiding paying my taxes, seasonal insanity racing

gas tank.jpg

#251 Kyle Benedict

Hometown: Pendleton, OR

Age: 20

Experience: 1 year

Sponsors: Les Schwab Pendleton

Thank you to all of our great sponsors!!!

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