CrashMania! was introduced into the Walla Walla Fairgrounds in July of 2018 but it was a long time in the making. Here is where you can find links for many other past derbies at CrashMania Series venues.

Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days Demolition Derby 2009

Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days Demolition Derby 2015

Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days Demolition Derby 2016

Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days Demolition Derby 2017

Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days Demolition Derby 2018

Walla Walla Summer Demolition Derby 2011

CrashMania 2018! Pacific Northwest Championship Demoltion Derby on SWX

Heat 1

Heat 2

Heat 3

Heat 4

Full Size Trucks

Main Event

Past events are currently being loaded to our Youtube page CrashMania Demo Derby

The CrashMania Points Series for 2018 will consist of 6 Demolitions Derbies held in SE Washington/NE Oregon. Drivers will be scored at each derby they enter and the cumulative points champion at the end of the season will receive a minimum of $1000 and a CrashMania Championship Belt. See rules and scoring info below schedule.

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Points are given to drivers at each event. No team entries and no substitute drivers.

Last place in each derby will receive 50 points.

Each spot above last will receive an extra 5 points per spot. So 2nd to last receives 55 points, 3rd to last 60 points and so on. This is so that derbies with more cars will be worth more points.

30 point bonus for winning a derby

25 point bonus for winning the Mad Dog Award for an event

10 point bonus for advancing to the Main Event of CrashMania

10 point bonus for starting the Main Event of CrashMania

This means a 10 car derby would be worth 125 points to win and be scored like this (assume 3rd place wins the Mad Dog):

                1st=95 points + 30 point win bonus = 125 points

                2nd=90 points

                3rd=85 points + 25 points Mad Dog bonus = 110 points

                4th=80 points

                5th=75 points

                6th=70 points

                7th=65 points

                8th=60 points

                9th=55 points

                10th=50 points


With this scoring, a 15 car derby would be worth 150 points to win and a 20 car derby is worth 175 points to win.

If you enter 2 cars into CrashMania, your best score will be taken, not both.

The top 3 spots in each derby will be judged by officials at that derby. Each derby will be videotaped and the remaining spots will be judged by CrashMania officials.

Each drivers top 5 scores will be added together. If a driver competes in all 6 shows, then he/she may drop the lowest score.

Points standings will be updated online immediately after each event.

Points Series minimum payouts for overall points standings will be:






Most Mad Dog Awards-$200

*Tiebreaker will be number of Mad Dog awards won and then number of heats participated in. If it is still a tie, then money will be split evenly.

(these are minimum payouts and will very likely be higher by the end of the season)


Payouts will be mailed as soon as final standings are confirmed. No later than September 15, 2018