rules and show format

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full size cars

heat style FORMAT

CrashMania will be a heat style demolition derby. After successfully passing tech inspection, each driver will draw a heat number and park in the assigned section of the arena for that heat. Cars may not be worked on, or altered by anyone and not driven by anyone but the driver after passing tech inspection until released to line up for a heat.


There will be 3 qualifying heats. If at any time after 3 minutes into a heat, the officials deem there is a clear mad dog (most aggressive/entertaining driver) the heat will be stopped and that driver will automatically advance to the main event. Heat will then proceed until only 2 cars remain and those 2 will also advance. Cars must make aggressive contact under their own power at least once every 60 seconds during a qualifying heat. If more than 30 cars are entered, 1 extra qualifier will be added from each heat.


There will be one 2nd Chance Grudge Match. The Grudge Match will consist of any car that did not advance through their heat. Top 2 and Mad Dog may advance from the Grudge Match to the Main Event. Cars must make aggressive contact under their own power at least once every 90 seconds during a Grudge Match.


Following each heat, cars that advance to the main event will be impounded until the final Qualifying Heat has been cleared from the arena. They will then be allowed to make repairs until called to line up for the Main Event.

Cars that do not advance through their heat will get equal time for repairs before the Grudge Match. This means cars from Heat 1 and 2 will be impounded until all cars from heat 3 are cleared off the track.

There will be a minimum 45 minutes to repair cars after the Grudge Matches before being called to line up for the main event.


Each driver may have up to 2 separate cars entered. Cars will be entered into separate heats. IF both cars qualify for the main, your pit crew member may drive one of the cars in the main event. Must designate back-up driver on sign up form and back-up driver must sign release form. You must pay 2 entry fees and maintain two separate entries. No switching car numbers.


If you do not move to hit within 60 seconds in a Qualifying Heat you will be counted out. 90 second time limit in the Main Event and Grudge Matches.

A hit is counted when a driver makes an aggressive move to hit another car by moving at least half of one car length.

Every effort will be made to avoid a tie. If two cars equally hitting each other to end an event, video will be reviewed and the most aggressive of the two drivers will be awarded the win. This will be the decision of the head official.